"déjà vu"

VOTE for playback item for 10th December virtual meeting.

Between Friday 26th November and Sunday 5th December you can vote for ONE item previously shown during the streaming service 2020 to 2021 that you would like to be shown on our 10th December meeting whether that is virtual or actual.

Please note this should NOT be considered a vote for what you consider the best or most enjoyable feature, but perhaps one you missed in part or whole, or perhaps one that left a particular impression on you that you would like to see it again.

A link to the voting page will appear on this page from Friday 26th November but will be well advertised beforehand.

When the vote opens you will be able to choose ONE of the following items:

December Choice Vote

The item with the most votes wins and will be played out over the streamer on 10th December.

Come back and VOTE between 26th November and 5th December.